our african journey

An African Smile

As the sun rises over our continent, Africa celebrates patriotism and pride in everyone, everything African. We love Africa from the depth of our hearts. Africa is both our Mother and our father, we pride ourselves in being who we are, African.

As the sons and daughters of Africa we encourage unity and togetherness, whilst showing compassion and respect to others. Africa’s innovative spirit keeps on evolving, celebrating our past and present achievements.

A new generation that believes in Africa’s future is rising. A generation that believes in what Africa can be and should be. A younger generation that are creatively standing their ground. Young Africans seeing the future of Africa, in their own hands and with their own voices shaping its destiny.

Evoking our dream, for our continent, a digitally united Africa.

Inspired by this dream we aim to inspire the world with our unique culture and spirit - all round phat positivity. We have a rich continent with great talent and resources.

Positivity arms us with the belief that anything is possible, Africa has a strong and proud voice - all 1.1 billion of us. Our revolution is kickin’ it, liberating Africans from digital exclusion.

Sharing with the world our soul, funk and our unparalleled African smiles.

Share and share alike - oju a proudly african company

Welcome to oju, a company created to celebrate Africa. At oju we have identified a need, we Africans need a voice in today’s modern world, a voice that represents us in the computer driven present and future. An African voice that not only understands the African way, but supports all our diverse cultures and bring to life all our emotions, passions and our warmth as a continent in a proudly African way.

An African celebration.

Africa as a continent is a powerful force, culturally financially and socially, but have been overlooked for decades, at oju we needed to right this oversight. We truly believe at oju the only way to do this is to share our positive “can do” African spirit with all to connect.

Join our African journey. Smile Africa.